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Log Off

Sarah-Louise Davila

Log off social media and log into your creativity. With LOG OFF, Sarah-Louise Davila wants to encourage young adults to literally leave their phones alone and spend time that usually would be spent being on social media to create art. Intrigued? Yes? Good.

Feel free to create whatever you want to create – your submissions do not have to focus on the negative sides of social media; this one is just for you to explore and express your creativity.

Submit your artwork now.

Commissioned by Boundless Theatre

Created by Sarah-Louise Davila

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About Boundless Happenings +

Join an online community and participate in four specially commissioned Happenings created by early career artists all exploring new stages for their work. Theatrical, digital and experimental, these new works offer interaction, connection and community when coming together in live spaces has been restricted.

This experiment happening right in front of you offers new performative ways to share the work of extraordinary artists with you, our audience. We hope these experiences may delight, inform and provoke.

Boundless Happenings are co-produced with Spy Studio and have been made possible thanks to the support of Bloomberg Corporate Philanthropies, the City Bridge Trust and the Wates Foundation.

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