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U R Not Alone

Boundless Advisory Group

You wake up in a cold, windowless room. You don’t recognise where you are. You are alone.

U R NOT ALONE is an immersive online escape room exploring fear and isolation. Created by our Advisory group, this experience is the opener of Boundless Happenings.

Commissioned by Boundless Theatre

Created by the Boundless Theatre Advisory Group (led by Cherry Eckel, Clíona Malin, Emilia Hargreaves & Fin Ross Russell)

There are lots of resources out there if you need to talk. We’d encourage you to look at these tools if you’re feeling lonely, or struggling with your mental health.

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About Boundless Happenings +

Join an online community and participate in four specially commissioned Happenings created by early career artists all exploring new stages for their work. Theatrical, digital and experimental, these new works offer interaction, connection and community when coming together in live spaces has been restricted.

This experiment happening right in front of you offers new performative ways to share the work of extraordinary artists with you, our audience. We hope these experiences may delight, inform and provoke.

Boundless Happenings are co-produced with Spy Studio and have been made possible thanks to the support of Bloomberg Corporate Philanthropies, the City Bridge Trust and the Wates Foundation.

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